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If you have any questions about ordering tickets, please contact 

For general questions please contact

The ticket sale starts on friday the 29th of september at 17:17h. Click here to go to the ticket shop:

No, you don’t.

The tickets for residents are only available for residents from the communities of Oyten, Bassen, Sagehorn and Fischerhude. Please bring relevant proof with you when purchasing your ticket.

The day tickets are limited to 250 pieces. There are 100 pieces for the entire weekend.

The day tickets are valid from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. at night.

Tickets can only be purchased (!!) at two fixed times:

Thursday: August 8th – 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m
Tue.: 13.08. -6:00-8:00 p.m

You can get the tickets here:

Backsberg 1
28876 Oyten

We will ONLY sell tickets on that day. Please refrain from asking for tickets on site at other times.

Please bring the money as appropriately as possible and in cash.

Link to the voucher ticket shop:

Please pay attention to the redemption information in the ticket shop!

You can easily rewrite the tickets yourself and send them directly. You can do that here: for all normal VVK tickets from MOYN 2023 für alle Tickets die über den Gutscheinshop erworben wurden

In this case, the ticket system has set up a separate page where you can create a verification code (40 characters long) for the tickets. The buyer can then check this code. or all normal VVK tickets from MOYN 2023 for all tickets purchased via the voucher shop

In this case, the ticket system has set up a separate page where you can check the tickets with a check code (40 characters long). You will receive a verification code (40 characters long) from the seller. Here you can also see if there is a usable voucher for this code.

Normal tickets from 2023 (start with 3K9T):

Tickets purchased with a voucher from 2023 (start with 3K9W):

Your voucher is valid until 31.12.2023.

Admission for the accompanying person is free. Please send an email to with a copy of your disabled pass and the first name and surname of the person accompanying you.

There will be no day tickets this year – not even on Sunday. However, if we are not sold out, you can still buy tickets on site.

We recommend bringing a printout, although there will also be the option to scan the ticket on your mobile phone. Scanning is only possible from a mobile phone if the display is intact and bright enough. It is not possible to scan from broken displays.


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By Train

The nearest train station is Sagehorn. From the main stations in Bremen and Hamburg you can get to Sagehorn without changing trains and in no time at all, and from there there is a relaxed shuttle service.

Bremen - Sagehorn: 12 Min
Hamburg - Sagehorn: 1.15 Min.

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By Car

The address is Backsberg 1, 28876 Oyten

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By Bus

You can easily travel to MOYN with our partners from Bassliner. You will soon find all the information on the homepage

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By Plane

The nearest airports are Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover. However, please refrain from flying unless absolutely necessary.

Further information about the journey

Arrival is possible from Thursday 22th of August from 10am.

The last day of departure is Monday 26th of August and the campsite must be vacated by 4pm.

Yes, there will be a shuttle service from the festival grounds <-> Sagehorn station.

The shuttle times will be announced here.

The exact opening hours of the entrance will be announced here in due course.



The festival starts on Thursday 22th of August at 4pm and officially ends on Sunday 25th of August at 10pm.

The application phase for workshops, art and performances is closed.

The application phase art and performance offers in the fields of performing arts, performances, readings, fine arts and the like is closed.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications for music artists this year!

You will find the site plan in the booklet.

No, besides, we only recommend coming from the age of 21.

Please leave your children / animals at home. We cannot let you bring your dog / hamster onto the grounds. Please have understanding for this.

You may bring your camera, but please be sensitive to the people celebrating and try to enjoy the moment. Please respect the privacy of the other guests. We will take care of a comprehensive documentation.

Drones will be shut down. 🙂



Yes, you may, but only if you sleep in it. A sleeping area in the car should be clearly visible. Otherwise, we have a parking space right next to the site.

We are working to make the festival as accessible as possible for all guests, but the festival grounds are quite rough in places. Assistance is definitely needed. It’s still a field.

Yes, you can cater for yourself, but we also offer a variety of delicious food & drinks for you. For environmental reasons, glass bottles are not allowed on the festival grounds. We would also like to appeal for as little waste as possible to be produced and brought along. Waste yourself, but not the dancefloor.

You will be able to buy some daily necessities at fair prices at the kiosk. There is also a small shop area where you can find jewellery, clothes, handmade items and much more.

There will be various vegetarian and vegan delicacies to choose from.

There will be water taps available for your free use.

There will be an awareness team again this year. The awareness team will be present on the square. 

We will exchange the rubbish deposit with you for a full rubbish bag. Please note the opening hours of the Wastecoast. These will also be communicated in the booklet.

Yes, this year the camping area is right next to the festival area on the other side of the river.

No, open fires and barbecues are strictly prohibited – there may be a risk of forest fires!

No, we ask you to do without power generators & aggregates!

There are compost toilets, porta-potties and urinals for men and a missoir for the ladies. In addition, there will also be some barrier-free toilets.

Yes, you can find the Red Cross behind the magical bazaar in the inner courtyard.

Of course not! Possession of illegal drugs is not allowed. Anyone caught dealing will be thrown out and reported.