ART & CulturE


practices art for many reasons – to express himself, to distract himself and most of all… to have fun!

He tries to fuse organic forms and liquid elements on canvases and is happy to inspire people with his art and invite them to dream.

Abstr.akt politisch’ combines abstract art with political messages. This combination is intended to open up an alternative approach to political action and encourage viewers to engage with social conditions and their own entanglement in them.

A short film and upcycling project around the chair on which (at the latest) everything began. About crossing borders, self-empowerment and the unleashing effect of one’s own free sitting.

The non-profit organisation Blindspots provides direct solidarity aid for People on the Move on the Balkan route, strengthens existing civil society structures on the ground and creates public awareness for the places of humanitarian and political crises for which the EU’s inhumane policy of sealing off people is responsible. In the ONE-HOUR LECTURE (??), Blindspots report on the so-called Balkan route and the living situations of People on the Move.

Carina Hommel shows small collages. The pictures are creations from different techniques such as cyanotopy, screen printing, drawing, acrylic paint and spray paint.

Chapeau Clubpresents immersive stagings, surreal, participatory performances and genre-busting happenings with opulent costumes and stark imagery. For the Moyn Festival, they will call up the spirits and cast a spell over everything.

Daniel Schreiber is an author and master hairdresser. What you can expect here is head work in scope. So you can look forward to short stories from the genres of sci-fi, fantasy and contemporary. As well as head massages or simply a fresh haircut.

Room service is a mobile, interactive, absurdist performance comprised of professional performers, playing the roles of a luxury hotel’s staff: Bellhops, maids, concierges, private chefs, personal trainers, and more. Their goal: To make sure you have the best possible stay at the hotel!

Fliegwerk performs modern street circus: sometimes whimsical, sometimes dreamy, sometimes smiling. Aerial artistry, dance and juggling merge into an illusion of weightlessness. The metal tripod rises eight metres into the air, surrounded by luminous bustle. Follow us into a world of wonder, of hypnotic rounds, and let yourself be enchanted!

Handsome Couple play instrumental hip hop music. This is all extremely chill and danceable. In the right mix of creativity and kaputness, the Westzeit says.

ouu Baby. I think you have been laying around for too long haven’t you? Three days of drinking only beer and no “Body Attack Creatine + Proteine”-Shakes? Oh Bwoy, I think it’s time to move that lazy ass and get that fat-cells sweaty! You can be sure to get that ultra hot Kim Kardeshian ass when your MorningqueenKohonnes is finished with her extra treatment. :*

 Jibel Jay the magical dancetrope, he beatboxes himself and the audience out of their minds until everyone is swimming in a loop of bass melody and voices. Cheeky in-your-face improv and lyrical rapping with audience participation potential.

Julian Schraven ist Autor, Musiker und DJ. Im Juni letzten Jahres erschien sein erster Roman. Es geht um Musik, Tanz, Drogen und um den Sinn des Lebens. Hieraus wird er lesen.

Special: Jibel Jay liest Julian Schraven (ZEIT)

Julibrise is a freelance dancer and music producer. At the Moyn, she and four artists present a dance production on the subject of AD(H)S, in which their everyday life as a person affected by AD(H)S is staged and made tangible – immersively and self-ironically.

“Do you have a minute?” is an interactive spatial installation that invites visitors to encounter themselves for a moment. Who do I see when I look at myself? Who is speaking and what does this person have to say?

Come closer and marvel at dazzling prints by Kaddi Kippenberger. Her illustrations tell stories from a queer feminist perspective.

Time travellers land on the Moyn to activate the magic triangle with the local people. It is the only way to stop the time-space-hole continuum approaching Earth. So come to the space capsule in numbers and playfully support the time travellers.

The Körperfụnkkollektiv is a group of independent artists dedicated to the art of radio ballet. Divided into two groups, you can listen to a story via radio headphones and become part of it yourself through actions. So grab your headphones and let yourself be transported into another world that you bring to life!

Travelling exhibition – ZEIT

Ornamental-decorative patterns inspired Lara Artemis, Lara uses these to process and convey emotions.

Lara works with various media such as linoleum printing, stencils, charcoal, acrylic, ink and carving knives. Mainly, however, with oil paints on wooden bodies.

Maren Endler ist Illustratorin. Sie hat ein Faible für surreale Räume, ungewöhnliche Zusammenhänge und versteckten Humor. Am liebsten zeichnet sie Stühle, Fenster und Gliedmaßen.

Fairy tales – TIME – PLACE

Nina is a freelance storyteller and tells stories of love, life and togetherness for all who like. Those who like may sink into listening and remember how beautiful it is to be carried vocally into other worlds.

In “Love is” with elements of dance, theatre & aerial artistry, the artists from the Pura Vida Circus Collective deal with the question of what love is. However, the show does not tell the millionth love story, but asks from different critical perspectives what loving encounters look like in our society.

In a half-hour performance with elements of dance, theatre and aerial artistry, the artists from the Pura Vida Circus Collective explore the question of what love is. However, the show does not tell the millionth love story, but asks from different critical perspectives what loving encounters look like in our society. Closeness and desire meet distance and indecision.

Menschen am Sonntag – FR 21 – 22.30 – Bedouin tent, village

SilentFilmDj D’Dread spins to “Menschen am Sonntag” (Berlin, 1929). Float with him between the hypnotic pull of historical film images and the driving sounds of electronic music.

The climate crisis has us firmly in its grip. It affects us all and is already having an impact on our society. But we can do something about it!
Solutions is a photo project that creates positive utopias by showing concrete solutions to the climate crisis. For this purpose, documentary photographer Tina Eichner travelled with her camera to various projects in Germany and all over the world and documented different possibilities of how something can be done against the climate crisis already today. The Balinese family business Putu’s Bamboo Straws, for example, produces sustainable straws from bamboo, the artist Isabell Ott from Berlin makes art out of rubbish, the Sanne family builds a balcony solar system instead of a sun awning, and the Sieben Linden eco-village strives for a holistic sustainable lifestyle.



Gendering everyday life – The influence of everyday objects & situations on the (heteronormative) idea of gender.

A large part of society holds the worldview of heteronormativity. It says that there are two clearly distinguishable genders and that these two genders exclusively desire each other.

But what actually is gender? Aren’t there far more gender identities than man and woman?! What actually shapes our ideas of gender? And why are queer people still discriminated against and marginalised because of their gender?

I would like to invite you to get into conversation together on the topic of gender and heteronormativity. After a short introduction, we will discuss what role advertising, fashion, laws and many other everyday things have to do with our ideas of gender. And last but not least, we want to talk about how we can get a bit closer to a discrimination-free and marginalisation-free utopia.

About the workshop leader: Tim (he/him) is 28, white and defines himself as a cis man. He has a German background with middle class origins. Now he is slowly coming to the end of his social science studies. Through these studies as well as valuable encounters with FLINTA* Freundis, his masculinity-critical reflection process has begun in the last few years. He would like to intensify this process, ask questions and find answers together. Tim would like to develop topic-related discussion and workshop formats in order to shape perspectives together with other people and get stones rolling.

Imagine that with any person and any stranger you can build a really beautiful and open connection with and develop it from there.

This workshop will get you into a meaningful space right away, that then you enter the Festival with a sense of belonging. 

  • adventure emotional connection, intimacy and trust 
  • learn different approaches to connect on a deeper level
  • develop your presence, compassion & communication skills 
  • listen, share and connect with others from heart to heart
  • enter into a state of safety, serenity and perceptiveness 
  • collaborate in a buzzing network led by heart

You’ve been chatted up, danced with, harassed, touched or
someone simply “only” comes too close to you?
None of that has to happen and
you don’t have to put up with any of it!

In this workshop, we will learn simple and effective techniques to
what comes too close to us. Through body language,
communicative & physical techniques we learn to perceive, set and defend boundaries.
defend them. At the same time, prevention plays a big role.
What can we do to avoid getting into threatening situations in the first place?
situations in the first place?

Everyone is afraid of it and some have already been caught badly. The police check. What is the best way to behave? What can the police officer ask of me and what not? Under what conditions can I return home by car despite the wild festival. Let’s talk about it together.

Argumentation training against right-wing and racist slogans

We all know the situation: at grandma’s birthday party or at work we hear slogans that leave us speechless. Later we get annoyed, would have liked to contradict them and not let the right-wing slogans stand.
This is where we want to start and enable people to overcome the moment of shock, take a stand and make it clear: We will not accept this any longer!
The seminar will show possibilities for action to counter right-wing and racist slogans.

FREE Endorphins!! I Repeat free ENDORPHINS… during this session we will produce a lot of natural ENDORPHINS, DOPAMINS and so on… sounds  amazing, doesn’t it? But HOW?!? 

You will experience this during the laughing session, it is going to be awkward, fun and in the end total word your time… let’s spread the laugh! 

See you there! 

Find your individual WOW within yourself! “It’s gonna be WOW!

Initially travelling through the jungles of South and Central America myself, I discovered cocoa and its heart-opening effect for myself. In our cocoa factory near Würzburg, we process socially and ecologically sourced cocoa beans from Peru and Colombia into miraculously effective cocoa mass. The cultivation and transport are explicitly climate-positive and biodiversity-promoting.

I converted my cocoa truck Roger into a professional, food-safe cocoa sales vehicle myself and with the help of crowdfunding. A small cocoa lounge invites you to linger. Family-friendly, colourful, heart-warming and energy-giving is the concept that we implement with a total of four open-hearted, space-holding people.

What is “cultural appropiation” and what is “cultural appreciation”, where is the border and how can we deal with it in a globalised world like ours? Unfortunately, there are many people who still experience discrimination today. Therefore, it is even more important to make people who do not experience discrimination aware of it, so that we can all fight together against all forms of injustice, discrimination and oppression.

We invite you to talk with us about the current situation of civilian sea rescue and the observance of human rights. It should be more about options for action and encouragement, i.e. about feelings of powerlessness and terrible news. How can this succeed? Come by!

With Femme Rituals we invite you to dive into the magic of your womb space and celebrate a Yoni Steam Ritual together with us.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitals and Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries in ancient cultures of holistic women’s healing. The steam that rises from the water bath is said to gently cleanse your yoni and also the inner parts.

Yoni Steaming can offer support for various issues of the womb area. As well as gentle cleansing, it can have a positive effect on sexual health and the female cycle in general.

We will share, connect, listen, open, move, let go and then start the weekend with a powerful charge of Womb Power!

We look forward to seeing you!


During the 60-minute yoga session, we start the day together.

In Vinyasa Flow Yoga, asanas (yoga postures) are brought together in sequences and combined with breathing. In my class you will experience a flowing and creative experience of movement and breathing. While holding the asanas and in the transitions from one asana to the next, your mind will be able to concentrate on the moment, on the here and now. In this way, you will come fully into your own and find peace and relaxation.

These active exercises are rounded off with meditation and optional breathing techniques.

The class is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners.

Mindful, powerful, deeply connected practice invites you to come into harmony with yourself and Mother Nature. Through breath control you enter a state of feeling, your body flows in movement, your mind is free.

The connection to nature allows you to dive into another world, a state of trance, perception and freedom.

YOU are free and connected with EVERYTHING

we are all one, let’s create this magic moment together.

We invite you on a special journey combining yoga, breathing exercises and gong meditation. The combination of movement, breathing and sound supports the mind to calm down and activate your body’s self-healing powers. A gong meditation session has the potential to reach the deep layers of your consciousness and become a very special experience with yourself.

Kendama is a skill toy from Japan that can be used to learn creative tricks anytime, anywhere. Paul has been playing kendama very regularly for almost 4 years now and will be happy to share his love of throwing wood around with others at the Moyn Festival.

He has enough Kendamas in his collection to provide about 10-12 participants with Kendamas. First he will show you a bit of what works and then each participant will have the opportunity to try it out for themselves.

This workshop is all about experimenting and trying out your playfulness and sensuality. With warm-up exercises from Burlesque Chair Dance and Catwalk exercises, everything is allowed that is fun and gives you a really good body feeling! Pose, show off, party- enjoy and bring your sexy archetype with you, who otherwise doesn’t dare to come out;)


Nude drawing workshop as a joint artistic mindfulness exercise

In the nude drawing workshop we want to approach the subject of the body and looking at the body together in a mindful way. We will do this by means of exercises that will help to detach the gaze and the hand from existing concepts and normative ideas, and to enter into connection with what we see. We also explore the interplay of perception and drawing material.

Participants can meet their needs and either stay with their own experience or come into an exchange about it in the group and reflect on the experiences. The focus is on the individual process, but social discourses and artistic or technical questions may also take up space.

The workshop is open to all interested people, no drawing experience necessary! We will deal with the themes of the body and nudity. The aim is to create a sensitive and respectful space in which everyone can feel comfortable and participate. So please take care of each other and yourselves.

No bikes but fast nails!
Let yourself be surprised.

Nature conservation can be fun. Nature conservation can look good. Nature conservation can be creative. In the Bee friendly bee hotel workshop, we’ll be making species-appropriate nesting aids for wild bees out of upcycled “rubbish” from the festival grounds. To make sure the bees feel at home in your 5-star premium suite, you can equip, paint and stick on your bee hotel directly with us. It’s best not to wear your best outfit, because it could get messy. The workshop lasts approx. 2 hours and can be attended by 10 to 20 people.

SERVICEWÜSTE is always the right place for you – because here you don’t have to be able to do anything or achieve anything! But feel invited to say YES together with us to all the as yet undiscovered facets of your life. Be part of it and set yourself free!

Humour, quick-wittedness or cleverness are not must-haves to bring an exciting scene to the stage, but rather nice-to-haves. What is essential, however, is full sensual attention, the courage to follow one’s own spontaneous ideas, as well as curiosity and trust in working together with stage partners. We start with very simple warm-up exercises and games that everyone can do, before we dare to improvise short scenes with two or more people, depending on how we feel. Nobody knows beforehand what exactly will happen, but usually there is always a lot of laughter, a lot of amazement and a wonderful, lasting togetherness!

The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as for people with relevant experience. There should be at least six peops and ideally no more than twenty – but never more than thirty. The event would last about two hours and we would speak German or English, depending on what the group needs.

The cucumber should become the standard equipment for festival goers. It looks good, feels good, is practical, modest, organic, fair, satisfying and quenches thirst.
We will make cucumber necklaces with the participants. Carving, building drinking vessels or other ideas can also be implemented.


Electro-vocal performance.

The experimental duo, consisting of jet-set-k (aka matrusch*k) and Lax Morenz (Kollektiv 60Zoll), has only recently been on the road together on Hanover’s stages. Radical and ultra tender, jet-set-k uses improvised lyrics to confront the audience with the most timeless topic of all – What is love? The whole thing is framed by a DJ set by Lax Morenz, which moves sportily between house, technoid-tranc sounds and breakbeats. What you will really hear in the end will be decided live on site. Look forward to fast outfits and varied ups and downs of love!

Every hit a hit, every hit a hit…straight to the heart!

Rotes Rauschen and 60 Zoll join forces to bring you a hit parade. NDW, 80s, 90s, 2000s and progressive hits. No techno, no Malle, that’s our motto. Framed by Song Bingo, Stop Dance Extreme and other surprises, Hits ins Herz is a spectacle for almost the whole family!

A trip on the floating sound carpet, through spherical worlds between soundscape, ambient and noise.


Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson exercises the conscious tensing and relaxing of certain muscle groups.

With this workshop, we want to create a place where you can escape the festival frenzy for a while, find peace and recharge your batteries.

David Ertl will accompany the workshop with repetitive, spherical sounds, which he will record with the loop station.

Phillip trains Breathworkers, is a Bodyworker, Freedive Instructor and the founder of GetHighOnYourOwnSupply®. His vision is to unite the world through the power of breathing. He has already guided hundreds of breath journeys and loves to experiment with music, his voice, healing frequencies, touch and stillness.

He has lived in Munich for over 10 years and travels the world hosting events that combine movement, yoga, dance, sound, scents, light, cocoa, bodywork, mindfulness, meditation and other elements. On his breath journeys, he takes you deeper and deeper into your experience in a specific rhythm of breath phases and breath pauses. From round to round you dive further, carried by music and guided by his voice. Completely in trust and completely in feeling.

You get the journey that is good for you,

without having to understand it.

In this workshop “EFT and Breath: A Journey to More Balance and Inner Strength – Conscious Raving” I invite you to an exciting journey. Together we will learn powerful breathing exercises and EFT techniques to better deal with mental challenges, whether on the dance floor or in everyday life. Likewise, we will open the gateway to higher states of consciousness with targeted breathing exercises, deepening the celebration experience. Join me in the world of conscious raving and discover a new perspective on partying.

And in the beginning there was the ohm. Since the beginning of human history, we have known that everything is sound. That the whole universe consists of the vibration of an infinite number of particles. My vibration affects your vibration, so to speak. At the same time, we humans consist of more than 75% water. Water that vibrates because of everything that affects it from the outside.

And so we know what happens to us when things become disharmonious. Especially in our hectic everyday life it is difficult for us to come to rest. Quietness can sometimes even be perceived as unpleasant.

Singing bowls vibrate in different frequencies, which have different effects on our brain waves, and thus on our human cells. The vibration of the singing bowls thus affect our vibrational frequency and can stimulate autoregulation processes as well as self-healing processes in our system.

Thus we feel more calm and in the flow of all being after a singing bowl meditation.

I work with different singing bowls during a session to cover as many frequency ranges as possible. Among others crystal singing bowls, gong, monochord, wind chain cymbals, raindrum.

Breathing techniques and movement the political dimension of self-care.

Breathing through as political resistance.

It is a workshop that brings closer the access to breath and shows the political dimension of pausing and doing nothing.

The gong is an ancient and powerful instrument that has the power to put you into a trance. The vibrations of the gong, in combination with a Kundalini Yoga set, can touch you in many different ways, promote healing, put you in a trance, or simply be very relaxing.

Each gong meditation is different and you decide how you want to engage.

Peter Mittelstädt has been working with spirituality, shamanism, trance, yoga and borderline experiences in many ways for many years.

BE LIGHT Journeys …

… sind so konzipiert, dass sie leicht in tiefe meditative oder veränderte Bewusstseinszustände führen. Unsere speziell geschaffenen Frequenzen und die Kombination von alten Methoden mit moderner Wissenschaft synchronisieren deine Gehirnwellen und harmonisieren dein Nervensystem, um Körper, Geist und Seele auf die Reise in einen traumähnlichen Zustand vorzubereiten.

Only when we ourselves are doing well can we also do good. What really helps each of us to do this, however, is often difficult to find and implement. What might a new reality based on the power of collective intelligence and community look like? One that involves and empowers us. One that makes it easier for us to find the right support for the next step on our unique journey. A kind of new home for holistic health. Let’s be the change the world needs. From a healed me, to a united us, to a better world.

Somatic bodywork is a holistic approach to exploring and improving body awareness. Through mindful movement exercises, breath work and self-awareness techniques we release physical, mental and emotional blockages and gain a deeper understanding of individual body posture and dynamics.

We do some fun exercises together, feel ourselves, feel ourselves in the group and afterwards we chat a bit.

This is a guided 2.5 hour journey where we connect with the 5 elements through movement, voice activation and breath. By creating a safe space of exploration, we invite participants to really tune into their bodies and express the nature of being human – primal and raw, but also gentle and sensual. By connecting with the elements that surround us and are within us, we can discover parts of ourselves that may be hidden in our daily lives and illuminate the path to harmony of our heart and mind.