FAQs - common questions

The festival starts on Thursday 24 August at 6pm and officially ends on Sunday 27 August at 10pm.
Arrival is possible from Thursday 24 August from 10am.
The last day of departure is Monday 28 August, the site must be vacated by 4pm.
The ticket sale starts on 25.11.2022 at 17.17h.
There will be short breaks on the individual floors. These will be used for cleaning up and testing if necessary.
Yes, you may, but only if you sleep in it. A sleeping area in the car should be clearly visible. Otherwise, we have a parking space right next to the site.
For questions on ticket ordering, please contact supportanfrage@111000111.de For general questions, please contact ticket@moynmoyn.de
In this case, the ticket system has set up a separate page where you can check the tickets by name and ticket ID. You will receive a secure code from the seller. You can have this checked. Here you can also see if there is a usable voucher for this code. The page can be found under the following link: https://111000111.de/3K/2T/ticket_check.php
Yes, you can use our ticket checking system. There you can create a secure code with your ticket ID. If you have the secure code checked again, your voucher value will be displayed. You can find the link here: https://111000111.de/3K/2T/ticket_check.php
Yes, this is very easy to do. The buyer can check via our security system whether the voucher also has the corresponding value. Link to the ticket check: https://111000111.de/3K/4E/ticket_check.php
You can have your tickets resent here: https://111000111.de/resend_ticket.php
Link to the voucher ticket shop: https://111000111.de/3K/4W/ You have a discount or voucher code (= your ticket ID). This will be deducted AFTER the actual order and displayed in the e-mail. If you have donated your ticket completely without getting a 25% discount, you still have to enter your ticket ID to get access to the ticket shop. No discount will be deducted from your ticket later. 1. go to the ticket shop, select your ticket. 2. enter your voucher or discount code in the next step 3. confirm the order. The discount will NOT yet be displayed. 4. you will receive an e-mail in which the discount will be displayed. 5. the purchase is only complete after you have confirmed the email. 6. this year there will only be one SEPA transfer. This must be done after you have confirmed the e-mail. 7. then you will receive your ticket for this year.
Yes, your voucher is valid until 31.12.2023.
Then you can do so here: https://moynmoyn.de/u-m-f-r-a-g-e_2020.php
Admission for the accompanying person is free. Please send an email to supportanfrage@111000111.de with a copy of your disabled pass and the first name and surname of the person accompanying you.
No, we also recommend that you only come if you are at least 21 years old or older. More infos to follow...